Labels for Coffee Coins®

Thank-you gifts, promotions, birthdays or just plain glad to know ya’… No occasion is too small! Redeemable only at your shop, they’ll guarantee fresh new faces yearning for more. And you know coffee lovers… They’re creatures of habit, they’ll be back!!

Logo Labels Are Shipped Loose To Provide Maximum Marketing Flexibility.
Coffee Coins And Labels Sold separately.

For the complete list of labels for your Coffee Coins, download our Label Selector Guide (pdf).

Gift Coin Labels

These small denomination coins are wonderful gifts with limitless possibilities. Customers love to give these to teachers, mail carriers, co-workers, friends, family… And coffee shops have partnered with local business like car dealers who use these coins to give to their customers. Whichever way you slice it, it means more new people in your shop.

New Store Opening Coin Labels

We all know first impressions are priceless. Find out why new coffee shops love these coins to introduce themselves. Print ads and banners only go so far, but these coins help people remember you. These coins not only give people a great reason to come back, but people love to show these coins off and talk to their friends about them. When’s the last time someone showed off a print ad to you?

Stamp-Card Coin Labels

Another great suggestion from one of our shop owners, these coins are the perfect replacement for paper frequent buyer cards. Instead of getting lost among frequent buyer cards, customers take good care of these coins and feel obliged to use them. Shop owners also tell us that their customers love getting a perfect little stamp from our mini-mug stamper on their coins. Sure beats another boring punch on a ratty old piece of paper!

Oops! Coin Labels

Mistakes happen, but coffee shops have found a fool-proof way to leave their customers with a smile. Inspired by a shop owner’s suggestion, these coins are one of our most popular offerings. Coffee shops love to keep a stash of these coins on hand just in case things don’t always go as planned. What better way to say that you’re sorry and get them to come back for more?

Free Drink Coin Labels

Popular uses include bulk sales to businesses, real estate agents and car dealers (redeem during test drives), rewarding your good customers, and for promotional use (buy a pound of coffee and receive a free drink coin). Great low-cost give-away for the local schools and charities requesting help. Redeemable only at your shop, they’ll guarantee fresh new faces yearning for more. And you know coffee lovers…they’re creatures of habit, they’ll be back!

Misc Coin Labels

Custom Coin Labels

Great branding tool! Allows you to incorporate your store logo (instead of stock coffee mug) and create custom messages. We charge a one-time $20 Artwork setup fee in addition to the cost of labels ($14 per 100). After you place your order, just e-mail your logo artwork (JPG or TIFF 300 DPI) to We will send you a proof of any custom artwork for your approval before printing.